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 +====== Linly ======
 +Founded in Guangzhou, China, Linly lighting is a famous company in the creation of dynamic lighting solutions for entertainment needs since 2006. We innovate and create lighting products and control systems, including Moving heads, led dance floors, led pars ,dmx controllers and lighting dimmers we also provide some other lighting equipment.
 +The companies philosophy is to use advanced techniques and professional service to make everything ​ convenient for our clients. We insist that the skilful staff, good service and high quality products are of the utter importance. ​ We keep to meeting our customers need through working under high efficiency and providing good quality products.
 +We have been working for 6 years to develop and produce stage lighting products which have brought us so much experience on the design of circuits, special outlook housing and also the capacity to make changes according to the urgent demand from the market.
 +In the future, we will be concentrating our efforts on LED source lighting products.
 +===== Products =====
 +  * [[lighting_fixtures:​linly|Lighting Fixtures]]
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