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 +====== Dimmer ======
 +For a full definition of what a dimmer is see [[wp>​Dimmer]].
 +In show lighting a dimmer is used to convert DMX signals into a variable voltage to control traditional lighting fixtures such as [[[[:​definitions/​par_can|Par Cans]] and others that do not have any form of DMX control. They come with a varying amount of dimmers, 1 upwards. Ones that have more than 4 dimmers have chasers built into them.
 +Some examples of DMX controlled dimmers are shown below. As you can see they come in a variety of shapes and connection options. The third picture is a T-Bar which you would plug and hang your [[:​definitions/​par_can|Par Cans]] from. 
 +^                                                   ​Examples of DMX Controlled Dimmers ​                                             ^^^
 +^               ​Shotec MultiDim ​              ​^ ​              ​Stairville D610H               ​^ ​            Botex T-6 Bar              ^
 +|  {{:​showtec_multidim.jpg|Shotec MultiDim}} ​ |  {{:​stairville_d610h.jpg|Stairville D610H}} ​ |  {{:​botex_t-6_bar.jpg|Botex T-6 Bar}}  |
 +===== Other defintion of dimmer =====
 +Sometimes people refer to the sliding fader on a control desk as a dimmer because that is originally what it did, but in fact all it did was to tell a dimming device to perform the dimming function.
 +====== ======
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