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 +====== Indexable Gobo ======
 +An indexable gobo is a rotatable gobo that will allow you to always project it at a given rotation point (Orientation). ​
 +The fixture will normally have a "gobo rotate"​ channel (usually with speed) and a "gobo index" channel. ​
 +You would set the DMX value on the "gobo rotate"​ channel to off and then set the DMX value on the "gobo index" channel to the value (position) required.
 +== See Also: ==
 +  * [[gobo|Gobo]]
 +  * [[gobo_rotation|Gobo Rotation]]
 +  * [[gobo_shake|Gobo Shake]]
 +====== ======
 +[[:​welcome|Back to the DMX Wiki]]
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