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 +====== DMX Chaser 128 ======
 +{{ :​dmx_interfaces:​dmxchaser128.jpg?​100 |}}
 +The DMX Chaser is a RS-485 bus transmitter which allows you to control lighting systems via the DMX512-protocol. The DMX-protocol is used for all kind of stageshows and lighting systems in discotheques. There is a multitude of possibility'​s to create a perfect lightshow with DMX-devices.
 +This project is for mobile discjockeys,​ theatergroups,​ bars and hobbyists. It shows you how cheap and easy it is to build your own DMX-controller and that you don't need expensive control-desks. The only thing you need is a PC or laptop and the DMX Chaser.
 +===== Main Features =====
 +  * serial interface connection
 +  * USB-adaptor available ​
 +  * 128 DMX-channels with full refresh-rate
 +  * 115200 bits/s transfer rate to the controller
 +  * "​real"​ 250 kbits/s DMX-output
 +  * several scenes can be stored
 +  * saves the last scene in case of a PC crash
 +  * supports lots of control commands
 +  * cheap and easy to build
 +  * very small and compact
 +  * compatible with DMXControl and FreeStyler
 +===== Further Information =====
 +[[http://​|DMX Chaser 128 Site]]
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