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 +====== DMXKing UltraDMX Split 3 Pin ======
 +{{ :​dmx_interfaces:​ultradmx_split_3.png?​100 |}}
 +The ultraDMX Split is a robust 4 output DMX512 isolated signal distribution unit. Powered by either USB from your computer or an external 5V USB charger/​power supply this product is ideal for many applications.
 +Our splitter with protected DMX512 interfaces just won't quit and the steel enclosure won't "​split"​ like some other manufacturers products!
 +===== Main Features =====
 +  * Fully isolated between all XLR connectors and USB/Power socket
 +  * Power and DMX input indicators
 +  * Tough metal enclosure with multiple mounting options
 +  * Available with 3 pin or 5 pin XLR socket, no adapter purchase required.
 +  * E1.11 Higher Protection Level “DMX512-A Protected” device.
 +===== Further Information =====
 +[[http://​​index.php?​page=shop.browse&​category_id=1&​option=com_virtuemart&​Itemid=2&​vmcchk=1&​Itemid=2|DMXKing UltraDMX Split 3 Pin Site]]
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