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 +====== Manolator Serial Inteface ======
 +{{ :​dmx_interfaces:​manolatorimage.jpg?​200 |}}
 +Manolator is a 256 Channel Serial DMX Interface that you can make yourself for cheap!
 +  * DMX512 lighting protocol parallel port interface with 256 Channels (all Pic’s Ram buffered).
 +  * Easy to make, it uses the schematics designed by kristof Nys or the ManMartin’s schematics (the easiest to build on the web). 
 +  * You can power it with your computer (by the ps2 or usb connector). ManMartin’s version can be powered by the DMX bus in some cases, and no external power supply is needed.
 +  * Works with [[dmx_control_software:​freestyler_dmx|FreeStyler DMX]] and other software
 +===== Further Information =====
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